His competences:

  • Corporate law,
  • commercial law,
  • Employment law,
  • Banking law,
  • Debt recovery,
  • Civil law,
  • Criminal law, mediation and arbitration.
Kolani Noupokou BISSOUNE

For 25 years, Mr. Kolani Noupokou BISSOUNE, Managing Partner, has been developing his expertise in corporate counsel.

He has been coordinating, in various sectors, a performing team of experienced professionals dedicated to accompanying companies of significant size both in counseling and litigation.

He took an oath in July 1992 and entered AGBOYIBOR's law-firm, one of the best known and oldest law-firms in Lomé, with whom he collaborates until 1997.

This professional collaboration allowed him to acquire a solid experience in commercial and social matters which has become his main activity.

In 1997, Mr. Kolani Noupokou BISSOUNE founded his law-firm and has been carrying on his activity in these fields. Mr. Kolani Noupokou BISSOUNE holds a master's degree in law - specialty Judiciary Careers - obtained in 1995 at the Law School of Lome. He has also been trained in Artists and Interpreters' Rights.

Beyond the competences developed in managing litigation of various kinds, today, his track-record brings him to see, in the alternative conflict settlements, a form of less conflicting justice that is to be valued and developed. Thus, naturally moved by these beliefs and by carefully caring for his customers' needs and by the stakes they are facing, he has been trained as a Mediator and an Arbitrator.


His competences:

  • Employment law
  • Civil law,
  • Commercial law,
  • Droit civil,
  • People and family law,
  • Criminal law.
Issa Dauda

Barrister in Togo since December 1997, Mr. Issa Dauda has been an Associate at CABINIET Me BISSOUNE.

He principally intervenes in social, civil and commercial law litigation.

Mr. Issa Dauda had been, from January 2002 to June 2004, legal adviser to the Confederation of Togolese Workers' Trade Unions (CTWTU).



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