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CABINIET Me BISSOUNE is an independent law firm with offices in Kara, Lome, Plateaux, Bafilo and Sokode Togo, comprising approximately 12 Lawyers and Legal Assistants. We are top ranked in Togo to assist companies and individuals to establish and to operate their businesses in Togo and we are the official partner of the Government Agency for the attraction of foreign direct investments (FDI). We are multi-specialist law firm committed to the provision of client-focused and innovative solution to our clients.

Our extensive experience gained from working with public sector agencies, financial houses, international organization and individuals is an excellent resource that helps you do business in Togo confidently. Our ability to reduce the bureaucracy in processes is priceless value we give to our clients.

Daily, on all problems of business law, the law-firm counsels the leaders and professionals of large, middle and small size companies working in all activity sectors: banks, insurance companies, maritime transport, industry, hydrocarbons, import and export.

It assists, represents and defends its clients' interests before all judiciary, administrative, professional and arbitral jurisdictions or authorities.

Founded in 1997 by Mr. Kolani Noupokou BISSOUNE and Issa Dauda, the law-firm has, for 23 years, put its expertise at clients' disposal and has become one of the most important law-firms in Togo. Thus, for nearly three years now, it has been referenced by the law-firm international.

Today, the secret of its success lies in what constitutes more than a slogan: "our Clients' success is the measure of our own success!"

Today, the law-firm includes tweleve lawyers and five jurists who join rigor, expertise, pragmatism and loyalty and unite their competences for accompanying you in every circumstance.

Our intervention fields are as follows:

  • Legal counsel,
  • General litigation,
  • Banking litigation,
  • Recovery,
  • Work relations follow-up,
  • Work litigation,
  • Legal actions and contract audit,
  • Legal action and contract elaboration,
  • Transactions,
  • Criminal and assize files,
  • Mediation,
  • Arbitration.


Our values :

  • Rigor, efficiency and excellence,
  • Loyalty and professional ethic.

Our objective :

Our objective is to propose to our customers solutions adapted to the problems they encounter and thus to be considered as a fundamental element of their success.

Our role :

To care to your better interests.


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